Something I never thought I’d do…

Last night, I went on a Zombie Walk. That’s right…a zombie walk. Basically, it was a bunch of people that got dressed up in various degrees of zombie and just walked up through the town in a collective bunch. I can’t say that doing a zombie walk was ever one of my life’s ambitions, but it turned out to be a pretty good time. I was amazed to see how into this people were. Not that everyone was committed to the concept of zombies or anything like that, just the gathering up for something fun. Little wild, little crazy, little nuts. Ha. And of course, there’s some photos…


We spent the afternoon with our friend Rick, who is the one I credit with getting me there. He started his zombification at our house. Yes, I said started. More on him later…Jen is a little freaked out.

Yours truly and a friend mine’s daughter

Ok, as I mentioned, you’d see Rick later. Creepy. But very well done.

What a beautiful friendship…

I would say if there was a popular theme among the females, it was the zombie brides, such as this one…

Apparently someone is missing something…

The poor camera guy got attacked. I think he’s ok though…

Of course, no zombie walk would be successful if you didn’t have a few people act as the survivors. This guy, however, did not last too long.

The walk finally started. This guy drove past at the wrong time.

Walking up shop street. It really was amazing how many people turned out for this! All of the crowd that’s moving up is zombies. Thankfully all the people outside the bars stayed safe by taking photographs.


3 thoughts on “Something I never thought I’d do…

  1. One day I will participate in a zombie walk. I’m pretty sure there’s an annual one here in town… usually in November some time around the Day of the Dead. (Not on it… that’s a whole other procession.) I’m not willing to do it until I have the means to do the zombie make-up right, however.

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