Another Tooth Bites the Dust…

Well, Hannah lost another tooth…this makes 5, and now, it’s both of her top front teeth. She was crying as we helped get it out, not because it was going to hurt, but because she was afraid of looking silly! The poor thing!!! I think she’s adorable with it…just another sign of our little girl growing up!

Grammy and Grandpa Deibel, she sang you guys a special song:

Here’s a shot of her…so cute!!!

And of course, there’s the ever-supportive sister just as excited about the whole thing.

As a Friday night fun thing, Jen and the girls got dressed in their warm jammies, made some popcorn and a little chocolate cake, and settled down to watch Aladdin for the first time. The girls loved it!! (And yes, they gained another princess for them to love!)


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