Blast to the Past

Oh, what a cool day! On Sunday’s we try to get down to our coffee shop to see some of the workers we know that are back in college and only work on the weekends, and just spend some good time over coffee (and babychinos). But today, it was even better down there…there’s a vintage car club here in Ireland, and today, the cafe was one of there stops on their current tour! My friend told me they were coming, and I thought it would be cool, but I had no idea just how cool it would be. About noon, they all came rolling in. What I thought was going to be filled with some 40’s and 50’s cars…well, there wasn’t anything there that new (except for this one guy with a Ferrari, but that’s beside the point.) Most of the cars were from the 20’s and 30’s with a few even older than that! Admittedly, my favorites were all the Ford’s that were there, but there were a few Rolls Royce’s a couple of Fiats and a few Buick’s. What a treat!

This is about half of the group of cars – of course, you have to have the Ferrari front and center

Jen took this photo – a 1929 Model A Ford Roadster

1925 Model A Ford

This may have been my favorite – A 1922 Ford Model T. It made me think of stories my Grandpa told me about driving one similar to this around his farm in Missouri.

Even older – a 1915 Model T.

(If you look behind it you see a car that makes me think Al Capone would pop out any second)

This, to me, was the star of the show…a 1911 Model T. Yep, it’s having it’s 100th birthday this year! To see a car like this one up close was really awesome to me.

Another view of it…

A shot of it from the rear. I kind of laugh about this one…apparently they had child-seating arrangement down a little better back then. Now they have to be in the car with us! Ha!!!


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