New Neighbors…

We have some new neighbors this year. This is about one of them…The Yellow Lab from across the street is a father. (quite the scandal actually, but that’s another story for another time…) So, our neighbor has adopted one of the pups to hopefully keep the older dog a little…shall we say…tame. A companion to occupy his time a tad better. Often times, this hyperactive male dog can be found standing in the creek behind his house barking at the running water of all things. It’s really quite fun to watch him go through his day, and always wonder what he’s getting himself in to. Now, though, he has a prodigy. It’s been pretty interesting watching this new guy take after his dad. His mannerisms, actions and activities are all mimicking his father, and he’s learning all of this just by watching. Amazing.


Keeping an eye on things…

I’d really love to know what’s going through both of their minds at this point…dialog ideas anyone?



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