Pics from Isaac’s Birthday Party!

Hey! Sorry it took a couple days, but here are the pics! Hope you enjoy!!

Isaac and I have had a lot of time together this week…I had to get the camera out and get some shots of him…this is my favorite!!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve seen that we have a fantastic pastry chef in our house! Jen did a great job with this one as well, coping the style from his favorite blanket and bedding set. Quite a change from the princess cakes we’ve had for so long!

Of course, we had to commemorate with some great eats – BBQ Pork sandwiches, which we discovered Isaac loves!!!


He’s really not sure what’s going on…you can’t almost hear him say, “Um…the cake us on fire. Hello? We have a problem…”


He needed a little help from Mom on the candle (good job mom!)
Again – wonder what he’s thinking…


And…he did not like the cake. He really hasn’t gotten into that stuff yet. He’s like his daddy and would just rather have extra BBQ I think…


Sitting on Mommy’s lap helped a bit, but not much


Happy 1st Birthday Isaac! We love you!!!


3 thoughts on “Pics from Isaac’s Birthday Party!

  1. That’s hilarious he didn’t like his Bday cake…i guess its not a bad thing that he hasn’t developed a sweet tooth yet, I’m sure that will come with time! 🙂 Jen, the cake is so cute! H

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