Somebody got their first haircut!!!

Well, it was time for Isaac to stop looking so shaggy to get his first haircut!!! It was a difficult decision…well, not really. As you see in the before picture, his hair really was getting pretty long!!! No, we could have taken him to the Barber shop. But, I thought it would be more fun to just buzz it myself! So I got my clippers out, and started mowing. He really didn’t mind too much! And boy how he looks different!!! He really was a good sport about it. He sat on Jen’s lap for most of it until I had to get to the back of his head…then, since he likes so much laying his head on my shoulder (everybody now…awwwww) I just picked him up and did the rest. He really seemed to like it! I know for me, getting my hair cut is always sort of relaxing, and I’ve been known to doze off in the chair before. Maybe he gets a little of that from me!

Now of course the pictures…before, during and after





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