A Universal Language…

Fall every year is known for many things. Changing colors, falling leaves, colder temperatures…all the things that makes fall just gorgeous and a great time of year. Something that typically goes with fall, at least early fall is the fascination with food made under a tent at a fair or festival. Really, that applies to all seasons, but I know that in America, fried foods are abundant and state fairs are the place to get it. A couple of weekends ago, I was at a famous Horse Fair that has been going on for centuries. I’m sure over time, many things have changed, yet many things have stayed the same. It’s simple really…just a gathering of people looking to trade. I imagine though, the selling of food has been going on since the beginning, and still continues today. Only now, the menu is quite diverse. Its more than burgers and fries…theres food from many different cultures. Here’s a man making some Spanish Paella…Can’t you just smell the sausages and onions? Food at fairs and festivals…we all love it, and we all understand it.


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