Halloween 2011

We had a great day yesterday!! We had just been traveling (the next post will have some pictures of that!!) and had thankfully been able to spend the day recovering for the most part. During our week away, Cailyn was quite sick, and Hannah and Isaac wrestled with tummy issues of their own. But, Halloween was not to be missed. We have 2 girls that play dress up all the time, so not being able to dress up on the day the world designates for that would result in nothing short of chaos. It ended up being a great evening. We called over to a couple of friends’ houses and had some tea and coffee and a great visit. Then we were able to take the girls around and do some trick or treating so Mommy and Daddy the girls could get some candy. It was fun with what the girls finally settled on for their costumes – they wanted to be cheerleaders, which here is not really well known as to what cheerleaders are. So, it was fun being able to explain to people and share some of our culture with them. We didn’t go nuts with Isaac’s costume, and since he wasn’t feeling really well yesterday, it ended up being a good decision. We did get him a “little Monster” t-shirt that fit him quite well… After the trick or treating, we made it back to our own house in time for some trick or treaters of our own. It’s really too bad we didn’t get rid of all our candy though 😉 Then, we settled in for a showing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” Overall, a great night!!

the pics…


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