….FINALLY…pictures from Spain!!

Ok…so wow. Things have just not worked out for me to get pictures up from our trip…last month. I’m so ashamed! But finally, I’m going to share a few posts about our trip!

We had some meetings to be at in Spain, so we took a couple extra days to enjoy a little sunshine and warmth. It really was a neat time! We enjoyed ourselves a lot, and just got a couple days to relax, and take it easy. Of course, the first thing we were so proud to be able to do – play on the beach! We pretty much threw our bags in our hotel and headed down. It was great! We do have the ocean here, but the water really is just too cold to enjoy. Here’s some pics of our beach fun!!


Hannah and Cailyn were so excited to get to the water!!! Before we could stop them, they ripped their shoes off and ran right down! We weren’t planning on swimming because it was late in the afternoon and it had been raining a bit…

We had some fun running from the waves!!

Daring the ocean to try to get them…

Isaac wasn’t too sure about the noise of the water. Well…he was sure I suppose. Actually he was quite petrified.

And he really didn’t want his feet on that wet sand!!

A couple days later, I took the girls down to play in the ocean again. I couldn’t get them to leave! I only have a couple shots though…I was having too much fun!

Jen wondered why I brought them back in sandy swimsuits…I think you can see pure evil in Hannah’s eyes.

Hard to enjoy a place like this, but we did the best we could…


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