Honey, there’s a monkey on the car…

We took a whole day just to get out and do something before being tied up in our meetings. Being that we were so close, we chose to drive down to see the Rock of Gibraltar. We really couldn’t believe that we were actually standing on this ancient, historic site. It’s not one I think we would have ever tried to travel to just to see, but since we were so close, we took our shot.

It’s a beautiful sight to behold, I promise you. And I have some pictures coming in a later post that will show it. The coolest part of the whole thing though is seeing the native Barbary Monkeys that inhabit the face of the mountain. These monkeys are cousin to monkeys found in Morocco, though these are their own species and have been there for what they say is millions of years. Once you’re on the actual rock face, they are everywhere. Even though they are officially wild animals, they are so used to interacting with humans that they provide quite the entertainment. It really was neat…having them jump all over the car, run around your feet, and generally just provide a lot of amusement. The greatest part for us had to be seeing Isaac. We’re so thankful that he’s at an age where stuff like this entertains him, and he was having an absolute ball! He was fascinated by them!!

So…I took a bunch of pictures, and I won’t boar you with all of them, but non-the-less, here you go:

There's a specific spot set aside on the mountain side for people to stop and see the monkeys. Mainly because it's such a narrow road, and this is the only spot that a car could actually park. When I pulled up, this guy jumped straight away onto the windshield to see what bits he could dig up that may have fallen on the hood. Sort of like an inspection...

Two of em monkeying around on our car (Sorry...couldn't be helped.)

Hannah getting some face-to-face time

...trying to eat the antenna. And yes, that's exactly what you think it is next to him. You thought bird poop was bad?!?

We stopped for a good while, and Isaac sat with Jen in the front seat just staring at them all. He loveed them!!


I don't know who was more curious...the monkeys, or Hannah!!


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