Christmas Market

One thing that we really love about Galway, and I suppose Ireland in general, is the big deal they make about Christmas. One day in late November, it seems, someone flips a switch and the Christmas season is here. The lights are hung around the city, shoppers begin flooding the markets and Christmas music is on the radio. In the States, I prefer that day to be the day after Thanksgiving. Here, it’s around the same time, but by December 1st, it’s in full-force. Today was a really nice day; Just cloudy, no rain to speak of, and certainly no gale-force winds. So, we packed into the car and headed to the city where the annual Christmas market is set up. We wanted just to wander around, and enjoy the day, which we did! Seeing all the lights hung, the wreaths and decorations in the store-fronts, and the coolness in the air really put me in the spirit for the upcoming holiday season. Today…was a good day.



The funniest thing about the market was they had an actual Carousel!!! The girls used to love riding on one, and today, we didn't pass it up!



Long story here...but at the last minute they MADE me ride with Cailyn...and she wasn't too happy!!!



we dropped the kids off at the day-care...



We found it!!! You can buy Holy for just €5!!! Amazing!!!



And the greatest part...there's an American that was running a corn-dog stand. Oh, my my awesome to get a processed piece of meat soaked in cornbatter and then deep fried. YUM.



6 thoughts on “Christmas Market

  1. Oh, it looks like you all had lots of fun! Every year we do a scavenger hunt for lights/decorations, and we would love to see some pictures of decorations from Ireland!

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