New Hobby…

So, something really cool I’ve been able to do this fall is join a local wood-working club. It’s a group of people that are sponsored by the county so they can get together and learn crafts and hobbies. They teach several different things that you can do for projects to make little trinkets for the house. Last spring I’d made a clock in one of these classes. This fall though, I joined the wood-turning club, which was awesome. I got to meet and get to know several new people, and get to know better some folks I’d already known. And, it’s all done through Irish!

Now, I haven’t spent an absolute ton of time building things, but I’ve done my fair share. I’ve sawed, sanded and nailed tons of stuff in the past, but turning wood on a lathe is something I’ve never had the chance to do. I really had a blast, and I learned what an incredible art-form this type of work really is. I started picking it up pretty quickly and had fun with it. On the first night, the instructor handed me a piece of timber, bark and all, and helped me set it up in the lathe. There was no real agenda to what I was about to do. The size of the piece I was cutting pretty much dictated it, but the shape, design and purpose for my work was all my own. Sort of the way Michelangelo worked…HA!!! So, I started trimming, and slowly my creation took shape. I made it look how I wanted, smoothed it out, and sanded it. After a couple classes more of doing some finishing work, it was done. I had made my own lamp. I brought it home and tasked Jen with finding just the right shade for it while I routed the wiring and installed the light. I have to say, what a fun experience! And, it was great getting a new lamp just in time for winter…it helps light the house just a little more these dark, wintery days.


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