Davy Jones Locker – Murder at Sea!!

If you’ve followed our blog for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed that we have some friends that like to dress up in costumes a little  bit all the time. What started as themed parties for birthdays and holidays (yes, for grown ups) then gave way to a murder mystery dinner this past February. Since then we’ve done three more, most recently was the one we hosted this past Saturday! This was a pirate-themed free form murder mystery. This particular game was vastly different from the others we’ve done in that rather than sitting around a table, all with scripts, all receiving the same information at the same time, each character was given anywhere from one to five goals they had to accomplish. Those goals might include getting money, getting revenge, avoiding certain people, or even *gasp* killing someone.

Since this was our first time to host this group of friends in our home for a party, and the fact that this was the first murder mystery dinner of this type any of us had ever done, to say we were nervous was an understatement!! However, we had loads of fun planning, plotting, and getting just the right decorations, food and costumes! As usual, our friends did not disappoint and went over and above when it came to costumes and characters!

We were all having so much fun plotting against each other, trying to keep our secrets and accomplish our goals that the food sat nearly untouched the entire time!! I think it is safe to say that a good great time was had by all, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this type of format again in the future. Ok, enough talk and on to the pics!!

I (Jen) was the Deckhand, and hostess, for the evening. Seth was Rusty Mike, a ruthless one-eyed bounty hunter! But I think you’ll see that there were more than just Pirates aboard the Libra as it sailed from Tortuga to it’s home port of St. Augustine, Florida!


Aye, the whole crew!


The Deckhand and Rusty Mike


A deckhand, a gypsy and a kind lady playing the part of Rummy Ike

Rusty Mike, Drunken Willie, and Slippery Pete


Ike and the gypsy Esmerelda...ended up getting married on our trip!


Regal brothers...Captain Hargrave and Darryl Sims* (Not who he actually was! hahaha)


Captain Hargrave and Saucy Sue


Sister Agnes (who was actually Bloody Mary, and Darryl Sims





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