Cailyn’s Turn!!

So, it was time tonight for the annual Christmas Carol concert at the school. It was the. Same. Program that they’ve run the other two years, so that wasn’t too exciting. (not that it’s not good, but the same thing each year…yeah…) the best part was, that Cailyn got to be in it this year! She was so excited! She’s been wandering the house the last couple of weeks practicing her songs, and today she was just bouncing off the walls waiting for her big debut. And I have to say, it was pretty awesome. Her excitement was infectious, and it made what could have been a ho-hum kids concert into a fantastic night!







2 thoughts on “Cailyn’s Turn!!

  1. Very cool! Love the expression on Cailyn’s face! You didn’t happen to record it did you????
    Also, did YOU put the light ring around Jen and Isaac, or was that a natural ‘phenomenon’ from the candles?
    Very nice, either way 🙂

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