Melting Snow Men and a Christmas Tree…

Yay!! Christmas is finally here! It’s been a fun few weeks of December getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year. With the ages of the kids, this year has been pretty fun thinking about and looking forward to. And of course, we love remembering why we celebrate Christmas in the first place: celebrating the birth of Jesus. For the last few weeks, Jen has been leading the girls through a craft/story time about advent, and the girls have been learning a lot. If you want to see some pics from that (and read some really awesome stuff from my wife) check out her blog. Today though, has been fun. We really haven’t done anything special (in fact, even a trip to the swimming pool was cancelled because they closed earlier than we expected! yikes!) but we’ve been having a lot of fun together. This morning was the first project: Jen did something with the girls that she found last Christmas but didn’t have the chance to do. They all made melting snowmen cookies! I know…you’re thinking, WHAT??? But, as you’ll see, they’re pretty creative, and the girls had lots of fun. So far, it’s been fun. Now, I’m off to start cooking the Mexican food (the cuisine of choice in my family on Christmas eve…) then we’ll watch a movie together, and get tucked into bed to wait for Christmas morning! Now….the pics of the snowman (and a throw in one I took of our tree!)


Cailyn excited about the marshmellows...


An Artist and her Apprentice


Everyone working hard


the befores...


...a couple of the afters


Our lovely scene all ready for Santa!


our tree with the presents just waiting for little hands!


5 thoughts on “Melting Snow Men and a Christmas Tree…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! When I told Thom about the melting snowmen he couldn’t wait for pics and Googled it….yours look better than the Google ones, I think!
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. How fantastic are those cookies!? Great pics, Seth. Links like you guys are going to have a super Christmas! Many blessings for you all and know that prayers are always sent your way. Merry Christmas, Deible family!

  3. Ha! I was just on the melted snowman cookie website and saw a familiar name! Love it 🙂 off to melt some ‘mallows!

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