Pics of the Birthday girl…but mainly of the cake!!!

So, we now have a 7 year old living among us. The excitement and newness of this new “age” is still fresh around these parts, and it’s been fun as Hannah has venturing out in the life of a n older girl. So exciting! We had a nice celebration. Some friends came over for pizza after a trip into the city for a movie. It was a really great time to celebrate and congratulate her turning 7. Almost as important though, if you’ve ever followed us, you know that Jen has been perfecting her craft as a master cake builder for her children. Each cake she’s made so far has been special. Not just because of how great the cakes taste, and that they look cool, but because she has so much fun, doing them. It’s just another way for her to tell her precious kids just how much she loves them. Without further adieu, here’s the pics…


Master designer


Blowing out the candles...little more effort with 7 of them!


Detail of the roses


Simply amazing...and Isaac is hoping it falls down so he can get to it, ha ha!!


A gift we got her was a kids cook-book. Tonight, she got to try out a recipe and cook dinner for us! The chili she made was awesome!!!


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