Picture Perfect

On today, Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but look at my family and be grateful. I’m grateful for such an incredible wife, who to me is the best friend, wife and mother any man could ask for. I have awesome kids that do nothing but put a smile on my face every day. Today is usually marked for a day of ‘romantic’ love. Today, for me, I’m taking a minute to reflect on the love I have for my family. Words could never sum it up, but hopefully, the beauty of them in a photo can help me a bit…



2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. You’re right, I think. Valentine’s Day is MORE than the ‘romantic’ love day the world has made it out to be 🙂
    The love and support of your family is the deepest love one could hope for, aside from the all abiding love that God showers on us! Your family is looking at you with devotion, love, and joy!

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