The family that bowls together…

So today we cashed in a coupon we had to go bowling in the city. It was drizzly and dreary all day, and since the kids were off school, we decided to head in and have some fun. It really was pretty cool. Now, I do have to say, it was around what my kids are the first time I ever went bowling. And my parents can tell you that I did NOT have a good time. Gutter balls, not having a clue about the game…I just remember it being my worst nightmare. (Since then, obviously, I don’t think it’s so bad anymore). But let me tell you…kids today have it easy!!! Not only do they have switches by the ball return that lift up gutter-barriers, and have ramps for the kids that might not be quite strong enough to actually through the ball down the lane…our kids have had the Wii for a couple years now. They know how to bowl. This wasn’t really a big deal for them, other than they actually had to do it themselves. But, that’s all beside the point. It really was a fun afternoon. We laughed and really had a good time. And at the end, Cailyn jumped into my arms, and told me it was BETTER than the Wii! So, mission accomplished! I did manage to get some pics, but they’re a little sub-par for me because all I had was my lame phone. Enjoy! And make sure you look at the last one for a good laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚



Little miss princess stepping up to the ramp


So excited to get some pins knocked down!!!


Good follow through!


Jen demonstrating proper technique...


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