A beautiful spring day

After yesterday, today felt like a miracle. Our winter has been incredibly mild, especially compared to the last couple of winters. Only on a couple of occasions did it get to the freezing point, and even then, we never had much frost or anything to speak of. Yesterday, however, was one of those surprise days where it was just bitterly cold with an even colder wind to make it terrible. Well, that all changed today!! We all woke up this morning to agorgeous sun-filled sky and even felt the warmth of the sun beating through the windows. It really was great for just one thing: getting outside. So, me and a couple of my friends went out and took some photos together. Just walking around, shooting anything we could see with no particular agenda other than learning more about this art called photography and seeing if we could pretend like we were learning something. It really was a great day. Good to be outside, good to do something with some friends.

You’ve seen this waterfall on the blog before, but today I had a new tool with me to help me get the shot I wanted. I coaxed my friend Rick into getting into the shot. I call this, “Contemplation.”



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