Life’s a beach

Oh, what a gorgeous day!! I took the kids all down to the beach for just a bit of pure enjoyment of actually seeing some sunshine. We were lucky – the tide was out. In fact, it was out farther than I recall seeing it. It was really a lot of fun. The girls had fun hunting sea shells, starting sand castles and running around. Isaac just like the fact that he could walk completely free with nothing to stop him like a couch or a wall. It really was a fun afternoon. Would have been better though if Jen could have come – she’s been sick the last couple days. 😦 Anyway, here’s some pics!


What a gorgeous day! Sorry about the sky, but that's how it looks when it gets hot!


I took this a little bit dark on purpose...I had left all my filters at home that would have helped, but I wanted to capture how pretty the ocean looked all sparkly. This is looking across the bay to the Cliffs.


Isaac found a new game. He called it, "Hannah, follow me."


Cailyn gettin serious with her sand castle project.


Isaac playing a little air-guitar.


The man cub enjoying some sun shine and freedom


Loving the walk!


Nothing says "It's sunny in Ireland" like a pack of seals sunning on the rocks. I was about 100 feet from this bunch before they knew I was there.


All of a sudden Isaac realized I'd walked away from him...and I don't think he minded. He really was mesmerized at the amount of space he had!


Really cool shell we found!


One thought on “Life’s a beach

  1. Wonderful that you were able to show your children a good time. The pictures are beautiful. Praying for Jen to be feeling better. God has been good to you a family.

    Bro Ron

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