A little time to myself

Because the weather is so unpredictable here, (read, we may actually be having our summer NOW) I decided that I would need to take a day to myself while I had the chance. I’ve been going at things now for a couple days straight, and I really needed a little respite. So, Jen agreed to keep things going around the house, and I took off on the bike. No plans. No agenda. I just started driving. (Points if you read that last sentence in Forrest Gump voice!) And I kept driving. See, there’s a road that goes through the mountains that’s perfect for me and my bike. It has little traffic on it, it’s pretty smooth, and the speed limit is actually just at the top of what my bike will do. So, today, I just drove. It was really a lot of fun. Time to think, time to just enjoy nothing more than the hum of the engine, and beautiful sunshine and brightness to fill my soul. I did end up stopping in a little cafe for lunch, and then I wandered down to a castle someone built a couple hundred years ago. I’d seen it before, but it had been a long time. Overall, today was just a really good day. I wish I’d taken more pics, but really…I just didn’t want to stop!! I did get a couple shots though…and some words of wisdom tied to a gate:

My mode of freedom, and an old castle.

Words of wisdom


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