Cailyn’s first friend party!!

So, Cailyn is amazingly about to be 5 years old. We can’t believe that she’s so big!! Since she’s the big 5 though, she got to have a party with a few of her friends this year! There really was only one place that could happen though. I’ve posted before several times about the indoor play place in the city…there was no other choice. The kids all get 2 hours just to run and play, and then they get nuggets and fries, and then the birthday girl gets to blow out the candles on her cake. It really was a great day, and though she was exhausted, she really loved it. You could tell how much it meant to her that it was her party. She really was the little princess today! Here’s a few pics of the fun!


Come on Cailyn!!!


Caught her coming up these cute!!!


When I saw this pic, I had to put it in. Not the best because of all the motion, but I love the fun you see in her face...


it took a couple tries, but she got them all!!!


Such a precious flower. We love you cailyn!!!




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