First taste of basketball

It’s not an incredibly big sport here, but it is fairly popular among the kids at schools. Our girls have never really played it aside from maybe some in PE. Well, a while back, I told you that we’d gone to one of Hannah’s friends’ birthday parties for the day. It really was fun because it happened in a gym, and they had some basketballs out. Hannah…our little princess, had SO much fun trying to play a little bit! I just sat back and watched her at first, trying as hard as she could to shoot the ball up into the goal. Then I went and had some fun showing her some of her old man’s moves! It was a lot of fun, and really made me miss playing!


Throwing the ball up...this is about her 3rd shot she'd tried.




Any doubts?? She was SO proud!!


I wanted to teach her how to dunk it properly...


"Hannah...this is called the cross-over"


oh...the memories. I'd show the dunk, but I don't really want to oversell it...


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