Cinco de Mayo – Irish style

As Arizonans, Cinco de Mayo has always been a day we’ve observed…mainly just as an excuse to have more Mexican food, but still. We are proud to eat Mexican food in observance of Mexican Independence! This is something we’ve tried to continue while we’re here. And yes, it’s another chance I get to say, “Thank you GOD” that there is ingredients to be found here to help us make it. (Though we’ve received several care packages with necessary ingredients that help a ton too!!!)

This year, we invited a few friends over to help us celebrate. And, we decided to go ahead and make tacos the right way… we pressed the meat onto corn tortillas and fried em! We knew this would be a new delicacy we could share with our friends. Well, the night was a lot of fun. One of our friends “accidentally” ate dinner before he came (something about not reading the entire text we sent him??) but, he went ahead and tried the tacos…he ended up loving them so much he had a full portion! You know you’re cooking is good when that happens! We played some Settlers of Catan after, and just had a good time.

The stash of what would become a feast!


All on the table…


My personal favorite…guacamole


Showing our friends the proper way to eat tacos. I think Rick was struggling a bit at first…


Oh yeah…I’m happy!!


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