Strictly Come Dancing Night!!!

Ok, ok! The pic are finally done from last night!! If you didn’t know, Jen has been working for the last couple months towards a local youth club fundraiser. The method of the fundraiser was based on the show, “Strictly Come Dancing” where partners are judged on their dancing ability and the best one of the night wins out. To say this was a joy for Jen could be an understatement. She spent a lot of time when she was young doing ballet, tap and all sorts of dancing, and yes, even some cheer-leading. So, this was a great opportunity for her. She was approached by our friend Rick a couple months ago when he was desperately searching for a partner since 3 other girls backed out on him.

Well, the night was great. There were people there doing hair and make-up, and the place was PACKED…over 500 people came out, and they ended up raising €20,000 towards the youth center. Jen wrote about it here if you’re interested in reading more about the cause. Well, I do have a few pics of Jen and Rick, but most importantly, I have the videos up for you to watch as well so you can see how great they did!


Just about ready for the dancing to begin…nerves were going, but they were ready!


After their first dance…the audience gave them a yea or nay. Needless to say, it was a yea.


They did win an award…basically it meant that they were the best team out there on the night!


Now…enough of the still photos…time for the videos!! (Make sure you have your speakers up…I was next to the house speakers, but it needs a little help!)


This is their jazzy/swing song…pretty impressive!!


And this is the Waltz they did. The judges were blown away!! One of them said it was the best dance of the night!!!


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