Pic of the day

So, there’s many things that Isaac takes after me on…one of those is that he LOVES dogs. Anyone that knows me at all knows I’m a dog person. I’m learning to tolerate cats more and more, and if you’re reading this and are a cat lover, please know I mean no ill will or disrespect to you. I just like dogs better. Well, you’ve seen the pictures of the yellow lab that lives next door before…and, Isaac loves this guy. He always sees him when we go get in the car, go outside at all, or even when he just stands at the window to watch the outdoors…he sees “puppy, puppy, puppy!” Well, it was just me and Isaac this morning, so I took Isaac for a walk, and sure enough, Sammy was outside. Isaac. Went. Nuts. Couldn’t contain himself, so I just let him wander over and take a look and play with him. Sadly, I didn’t take my camera (when am I going to LEARN???) so I raced back to the house and was able to get at least one good decent shot before their little party was over: Take note of Isaac and his wacky hair!!

Two animals, both doing something with their feet


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