La Spraoi – Sport Day

Each year the girls’ school does a sport/play day toward the end of spring, always hopeful that the weather will cooperate. Well, today, thankfully, it did. We had a truly beautiful day that just kept getting warmer and warmer as the day went on. As I’m typing this, I actually have a bit of a burn on my face – and it feels painfully good! It was the usual mix of activities, and plenty of tea and coffee to go around. This year was fun because I was asked to help out in a couple of ways. First off, I got to take the pictures of kids getting on the new Irish Coast Guard boat that they brought over. It was fun to see the kids look at a cool piece of machinery and really get into it. I was pretty impressed with how high-tech a simple pontoon aided-steel hulled boat could be. Thankfully for me, one of my friends was one of the guards that came, so he let me get a pretty full look at it. Later, I was signed up to take part in what I thought was a dunk-tank, but it only turned out to be a sponge throw where my face was through a board and I was defenseless as petulant kids and adults alike did their best to hurt me. No, not really…but a couple of kids I think we’re trying to do some damage by the looks on their faces!! Ha! And of course, there were bounce houses, face-painting and slides. Overall, a really good day. We got to see a ton of people that we don’t normally see, and talk to lots of people we don’t normally get time to talk to. Here’s some pics of the day…more to come I hope in the next couple days.


Isaac found the slides…and immediately became addicted to them!


Hannah painted up to be a princess


Cailyn as a butterfly…she really loves this stuff!


Hannah couldn’t wait to throw some sponges at dad. Her goal was for me to be soaked!!


a friend of ours and her daughter that always is excited to see me…she stepped up close so she was sure to get me with the sponge!


it was fun and thankfully warm…getting wet with the sponges felt good!


Jen seemed to put a little extra mustard on her throw…not sure why 😉


Honorary Coast Guard for the day


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