A Feis for Hannah

Hannah has been learning the art of Irish dancing now for a few months. She’s loved it from the get go, though really, in all honestly, we’ve never really known just how good she is. Until today. She had her very first Feis (FESH) – a term for a festival. There were a few different programs that met about an hour north of where we live, and had a little competition to gauge the kids dancing level by age groups. See, Hannah practices around the house a ton, and shows off a little bit when we ask her to for our friends (yeah…if you’re reading this and we’ve forced you to watch her…sorry. haha) Well, apparently she’s been holding back her form. Even when we pick her up from practice, she’s never really let us see “her stuff”. Well, today, there were trophies on the table when we walked in the hall, and It. Was. On. She was paired with a girl that she didn’t know. Each pair did 4 different dances and were judged on their technique and performance. Well, as soon as the first step happened…we were amazed. Literally. We couldn’t believe this was our little girl up there!! And, it’s not just us. In the video below, you can hear a friend of ours say “wow” immediately. Hannah’s teacher has been telling us how quickly she’s picking it up, but we had no idea. She really had a lot of fun…and of course, there’s results to report!! Out of 15 or so girls in her little set, she won 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 4th on her 4 dances. Not too bad! Here’s this little American girl comin in and takin care of business!!! Well…enough from me…Jen videoed, I took photos, (and got some good ones!!!)

First, the video…

And some pics…more to come!

All ready!!

Starting with my favorite shot…this is just after the start of her dancing…lucky capture, but I Love it!!

Gotta love the concentration on her face!

One more…

ah…go on. one more 😉


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