Fireworks…IN IRELAND!!!!

So yeah, there were fireworks here tonight! It was in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race ending in Galway this week, and there being a MAJOR festival going on to celebrate. It was so neat though…we never thought we’d have a 4th celebration like this while being here! Cultural note though…being that the latitude of Ireland is so far north, and something I’ve mentioned several times…it doesn’t get dark enough to do them until nearly 11 pm, which is a little bit funny. Not that we mind, but to be honest, it wasn’t even fully dark tonight. But it was a brilliant show none-the-less. We enjoyed ourselves. Isaac was the only one we didn’t have with us…the poor kid just wasn’t in a mood to stay out so late, so we got him a sitter and everyone else (including Jen’s mom!!!) went in for them! Well…of course there’s pics!!!


Fireworks are one of our favorite things to watch together!! SO glad we were together!!


I know it’s a bit blurry…but the expression is priceless


Me and Hannah and our friend Rick (Looking a little creepy at us…) 🙂


Cailyn needed her picture taken with me too!

And now…exploding stuff….




off center…but it’s my favorite one of the night




The cascade of the last firework…




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