Photo Exhibition

For the third year in a row, I’m in a photo exhibition with our local camera club. To be honest, I feel in so many ways that I have more to learn on a camera and the art of photography than I’ve actually learned. It’s a hobby that I continue to have fun with, and at times, I really like where I’ve gone with it. Well, this year, our theme was “The Arts” and anything that had anything to do with the arts. I struggled a bit to think of something to do, but then it became clear I had only two clear choices.I have 3 entries this year…mainly because some people dropped out at the last minute and I had an extra one ready to go. Here’s what I’ve put in… *I’d love some feedback if you’re up for it!!!*

First, Hannah and her amazing and very artistic dancing skills. There’s nothing else I could think of than to play the ‘proud daddy’ and put a pic of her in…and in the end, I got to have two of her! Here they are…(you’ve seen the first one before)



and the one that everyone loves the most so far…



Then, my next thought was kind of out there…but it made sense to me. See, I have a friend that runs a café that we go to all the time. I go for the friendships that we’ve made there and because we run into people all the time (plus there’s coffee), but my friend truly is an amazing chef. For those of you that have visited us…you know what I’m talking about. Well, I though, “why not do something recognizing culinary artistry?” This is what I came up with…



6 thoughts on “Photo Exhibition

  1. Woooow! As always, I love the ones of Hannah. They’re beautiful. I love the movement in the one of your friend. Very nice. You inspire me.

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