Back from Greece!!!

We’re back!! We ended up having quite the adventure in the airport on the way back…somehow making our 35 minute connection in Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris…thanks to them sending a driver and rushing us across the airport!! What made it even more “fun” was that Isaac ended up coming down with a really high fever on the trip home. But, we’re home, safe and sound, resting and getting back to the swing of things. We’ll have a few days of posting some pics, so I hope you enjoy!!

This first bunch is the ones we want to share from our trip to the Acropolis. It was an amazing sight to see, even though it’s under restoration and very much scaffolded up. To be on a site of such history was remarkable. Here’s the pics!!


Jen and the girls at the Amphitheatre


The only portion of the Acropolis without scaffolding!!


It was so hot and windy up on the mountain…Isaac was clearly not impressed with it all…


Looking over the city of Athens with Mars Hill in the foreground


On Mars Hill with my girls!


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