Where do you go to cool off?

So, the day we went to the Acropolis, it was extremely hot. Since living in Ireland, we’ve definitely lost any sort of heat tolerance we used to have living in Arizona. We endured the day, but we definitely needed to get somewhere cool (and somewhere fun…after all, the kids don’t really LOVE seeing old buildings, you know?). Thankfully, I’d done some research and found a mall nearby that looked nice…complete with a kids play-place and a Taco Bell!! So, that’s how we cooled off…it was nice, and who knew 3 Americans living in Ireland could find comfort Mexican-like food in Greece?
Pics of the afternoon…

Isaac wanted to go for a drive


He was a little confused…needed some help


Hannah wanted to try using front-loader…got good at it!


Hmmm…what’s that look all about?


Isaac and Cailyn having some fun!



Hannah exploring more career options



Despite being dragged into the Princess carriage, Isaac seems to be enjoying himself 😉




All seated and ready to dive in


Didn’t notice Cailyn’s eye until I was going through the pics when we got home!


And there it is…Isaac’s first taste of Taco Bell!!!!





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