Cooling off Part III

One of the things I’ve always wished I could do is take pics of my kids as their in the pool. The only problem is, that I’m always with them, so it’s tough. (Yes…I need a waterproof camera!!) Well, when we were in Greece, the place we stayed had an INCREDIBLE pool! It had several different areas of the pool of different depths which made it perfect for everyone. One place even just about 8″ deep just for the babies and stuff, and a nice cold deep end perfect for a nice cold dip in the oven warm air of Greece.

But, you should know…this time last year both of the kids were still using arm-band as they swam, and Cailyn was even afraid of putting her face in the water. Well, it’s all different now. Hannah is swimming like a master, even diving to the bottom of the pool to get toys. Cailyn enjoyed this pool because it had a place that was just the perfect depth for her to learn how to swim a bit more without the arm-bands. Well, now, she’s just flying. We had her in our pool when we got back to practice a bit more, and I wanted to see how she would keep what she learned in a little bit deeper part. Well…she’s officially a swimmer now! It’s so neat seeing the change, seeing how much more fun they have now, and as a dad, makes me proud that I was able to teach them both how to do it. It’s moments like that where I really find myself loving that I’m a dad, but I know that I have so much more to do as I’m raising them!!


She LOVES the pool!

Hannah dives in…

Cailyn diving in the pool. Not bad!

Splashing around…

Hannah practicing her swimming strokes she learned…watching the Olympics this year was fun for her since she can now “Swim like Micheal Phelps!”

Hannah loved doing hand stands!




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