Isaac had his first cup of coffee today!!!

Well…not really. If you’ve ever read our blog, you know that we like going for coffee. And at the cafe we like going to, they serve what they call Babychino’s, which are brilliant. The U.S. really needs to cop onto these things and make them regular items on their menus. Basically, they take an espresso cup, steam some milk in it, and top it with chocolate dust and marshmallows. Simple, and very kid friendly. Not only that, but there’s tons of fun to be had seeing the strange looks on people’s faces when they think your kid is actually having an espresso.

Well, rewind a couple years. We took Isaac to “our” cafe when he was just about 7 days old. The owner of the cafe was actually one of the first people to come see Isaac, and he hosted the dedication ceremony for us. So to say that Isaac frequents this cafe is quite the understatement. Today, though, his life was changed for the better. We decided it was time to take the plunge and have his first babychino along with his sisters. It was a marvelous experience for him and he couldn’t get enough. In fact…having to give up the cup at the end didn’t sit too well with him! Anyway…of COURSE I had the camera!!! đŸ™‚


Ooooohhhhhh that looks goooooodd!!!


Who’s more excited??


I think he likes it!!


Time to dig in with the spoon…open wide!!


He ended up having to actually drink from the cup…wonder what the eyes are telling me?




A successful new journey!




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