First day of school!!!!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Just like millions of kids around the world, the girls went back to school today. It’s going to be a good year for them, we hope. Hannah is in 2nd class, equivalent to the 3rd grade, and Cailyn is in what would be 1st grade. Overall, unfortunately, the one that’s going to have the toughest time dealing with all of this change is Isaac…he’s so used to having his sisters home to play with!!! Well…anyway…back to the first day. Nothing eventful, nothing unusual. Just a good day of new beginnings and the positive outlook that comes with starting the year! Here’s the pics:

The bags all packed and by the door. Isaac’s sippy cup is there as well…he had to put it there since they had their stuff there!


Sitting down to a good breakfast


Isaac was slightly confused


So cute!!!


Of course Isaac helped get them off to the school…heading in from the car…


Heading into the school…


Always with a grin on her face…ready to go!


Smiling at her desk…ready to go!


Ok Dad…stop taking photos now!!! 🙂




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