Zombie Walk II

So, last year at this time, I went on my first zombie walk. Well, it took place again this year, so I went again. It was in many ways a lot more fun knowing what a zombie walk is, and I went in feeling a little better prepared and able to sort of get into it more. No, I’m not a ‘zombie’ fan per se, but it’s just a bit of fun, and some friends of mine really enjoy getting into it, so I’m happy to take part in things with them. And, in the end, it was fun. There’s something about getting dressed up, having a laugh over something that takes like, 20 minutes that’s out-of-the-ordinary and different. It was fun…but of course, no zombie walk could be complete without photos. (note, I decided not to bring my good camera along, so all I got are off my terrible phone camera)

So, the first one is me…granted, I took it at the end of the night when I got home…but that’s me!


And my leg wound…which actually is similar to how my leg actually looked a few weeks ago. If you look close you can see my still healing scab. LOL


Here’s one of the group…


The zombie walk is pretty simple…it’s just a huge mass of people walking from one end of what’s called shape street to the other, ending in a show of some sort…this and last year was fire-twirlers which were cool. Other than that, it’s playing the role of zombies for all the innocents enjoying their evening along at the pubs. All the unsuspecting tourists have loads of fun, zombies chase them…it’s all fun. But, the funniest thing was what happened when the mob reached the new gelato stand that just opened up. They went berserk. Literally. They literally hoarded the joint…caused nothing says zombie quite like gelato…


The best make-up goes to this girl…I have no idea who she is…but she really did a good job. Pretty over-the-top…


The strangest thing though, may have been having a guy dressed up as Jesus…



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