Isaac is 2!! (Dreadfully late!!)

Ok, so I’ve had some major technology problems, so I apologize for how late these are. BUT…without further adieu, here’s the pics of Isaac’s Birthday!!

It’s had to believe that already 2 years have passed with this guy. He’s just amazing, and a light to our family. Watching him grow, especially over the last few months has been nothing short of amazing. He surprises us every day with new things, and is always eager to laugh. He’s definitely a BOY…building things, making gun noises…the whole lot. All that to say, we love him so much. It’s so much joy having a son…more than I ever realized. I’m loving him more an more each day, and so proud to be his dad. The more I look at him, the more I see myself. He’s only lived on this earth for a couple years. I pray as he grows, he never stops learning, never stops laughing, and always knows how much he and his mom love him.

He had a pretty good day, I’d say. The theme was Captain America…we got him a little shirt, and Jen made another outstanding cake…the Captain America shield!! We went for a babychino at the cafe, and the day was so amazingly nice so we were able to have a motorcycle ride, play a ton, and then have some cake!!



Fitting to be wearing a Captain America shirt?? I love Cailyn in the background…


Well, of course he had to have a Babychino on his birthday!!


On a motorcycle ride with daddy!!


He loves the bike!


Ta-da!! The Captain America Cake!!!


Fascinated by the candles and sparklers!


Completely mesmerized!!


Trying hard to blow the candles out…he may have needed help!












One thought on “Isaac is 2!! (Dreadfully late!!)

  1. Jen and Seth: Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of Isaac’s Birthday. They brought great joy from all your smiles….Shipped some goodies your way today…Be on the lookout….Bobbie

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