A trip to the zoo

So, a couple weekends ago, we took a trip over to Dublin to enjoy the zoo. It was a trip we were meant to take in the summer, but we just ran out of time. It was convenient to do over Isaac’s Birthday weekend, so it turned into one big celebration. Now…a couple things about the trip. One really cool part was that Jen was able to get her Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks!!! They never have carried that flavor here in Ireland, and since our nearest Starbucks is 2 hours away, we didn’t hesitate at the chance for her to get one, which was cool. Second, the fall colors this year are really incredible (many pics of that to come). Since it hasn’t been really windy this October and nice and sunny, the leaves have stayed on the tree as they die off, making an incredible arrangement of colors in the place where the zoo is. (You should googlemap the zoo in Dublin…the surrounding Phoenix Park is incredible, especially this time of year). So, it was Isaac’s first trip to a zoo, and needless to say, he was excited. He loves the donkeys, chickens, dogs, sheep and stuff around here, so this was just an amazing day for him. And, this is where we’re really starting to see just how different it is with boys that with girls. Isaac just refused to ride in the stroller. So, he walked the whole park for hours, and never got tired. (’til the trip home!!) We all really loved it…perfect day, great with the family, and just had an awesome time. Here’s some of the shots, and more to follow:


Walking towards the park….see what I mean about the colors??

Isaac’s mind was blown the second we walked through the gates…it was so cool!!

Helping Isaac find the tiger





“Does the owl say ‘who-who’?”

Isaac was oblivious…one of those scary pics if you really think about what’s going on. Just a small piece of glass between your son and a beast.

Isaac had a second alone…what a gorgeous tree!!

Checkin out the Giraffe’s

Still running at the end of the day!!


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