Zoo trip – the animals

Well, of course I got pics of the animals at the zoo on our trip. Now…I don’t know where you stand on this issue: Taking photos of ‘wildlife’ in zoo’s is slightly cheating. Slightly. I mean, I didn’t just go out into the wild and get some shots. BUT…there’s still some cool shots to get at a zoo. There’s still something cool about going and capturing an animal that’s not normally seen, just doing what they do. They’re still amazing animals, and capturing them just right is still a challenge. Here’s some of the ones I got.

This guy was getting hungry…he’s standing up at the chute where they drop the food into the cage

Cool Red Panda we ran into. Love the colors on this guy!

Nothing like seeing a huge gorilla stare at you while he’s eating. Bone-chilling!!

This guy was born just a few months ago!

All gathered waiting for their handler to bring the food

Right from the hand…

The most important thing for Isaac to see was the elephants. He asked for them all day!

Isaac was so excited about the hippos!

Waited and waited for him to screech again

nothing like a good stretch…

Jen got this shot…good one, huh?


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