Fall Colors on Ireland

Ok, so one of the best things about going to the zoo, aside from watching the pure joy on my kids faces as they saw all the exotic animals and the animals themselves, was seeing the fall colors. Thankfully, we hadn’t been able to make this trip in the summer! Now, don’t get me wrong…trees in the summer sun are gorgeous with their green and all that…but let’s get real here. The colors that are produced in the fall are…well, something only God could create. Every shade of yellow, orange, red and everything in between. This year, thankfully, the weather has been pretty mild, meaning we haven’t had a ton of wind and storms to blow the leaves off the trees. This has let them stay on and fester in their annual decay before they completely whither away. The real treat going to the zoo that day, was that it’s situated in Phoenix Park in Dublin. It’s a massive sprawling landscape with tons of trees, soft fields and is incredibly pretty. The park holds sports fields, the zoo, equestrian centers and is a great setting for runners, pick-up game players, and even segway tours! (Which we saw!) That day, though, were some of the most incredible fall colors I’ve ever seen. Here’s what I mean…


Great spot for a quiet pause…


The entire park was just like it had been hand-painted. Driving along the road, this was how all the trees were. Just gorgeous!!

The top of this tree had already lost it’s leaves, but the yellow on this was outstanding

Two cuties under some pretty colors


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