Jen’s a radio star!!!

We like listening to a certain morning radio show when we’re doing our school run and going to the cafe. It’s Ray D’Arcy on Today FM…he’s just good to listen to. Funny, light-hearted, and the banter on the show is usually pretty good. Well, one aspect of the show is a call-in quiz show. Every day, someone in the studio sees something that made headlines somewhere from the day before, and then people that have a similar story are invited to call in and compete against other callers in what’s called the “odd-one-out” quiz. They’re given as many questions in 30 seconds as possible where they’re given a list of 3 items/descriptions/etc/ and they guess the one that doesn’t fit with the other two, and the one with the most answers wins the prize – a famed “Odd-On-Out” hoodie. We love listening to it when we can, and sometimes it gets quite funny. Well, since there was a headline relating to a cinema in Dublin cracking down on PDA, the requested callers were to have a story about going to the cinema that they wanted to share, and then take the quiz. Since I was out today, I phoned home and told Jen she should call in. (Frankly, she’d do a better job than me anyhow…) and they took her call!!! And it was so fun! he obviously could tell she was American, so he talked about her accent a bit, and then about the kids…and yes, you can hear Isaac in the background milling around. So…without further adieu, here’s my lovely wife, and the recording of her appearance on the Ray D’Arcy show!!!!


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