A little bowling fun!!

We went bowling this evening. It was a ton of fun!! Hannah, getting bigger and stronger all the time moved on from using the little ramp, and had a great time. Cailyn, being the “what Hannah can do, so can I” sister that she is, decided half-way through to give it a go. (Watch for her reaction!) And then there’s Isaac…the beast in the body of a toddler. From the get-go, he had no desire to have any help. What you’ll see in the video is actually his second attempt. The first attempt I did the nice dad-thing – I carried the ball for him, and all that. Well, that was until I saw him pick his ball up off the rack when I wasn’t watching with no problem and he looked at me like, “We good?” So…from then on, he carried his own ball to the chute. Here’s the video…hope you enjoy!


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