Saying farewell…with a twist.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks around here. Obviously there’s been a lot to do with packing and getting the house sorted before embarking to the US. But it’s been a busy week for a lot more than that. We’ve been incredibly blessed especially over the last few days with all the people we’ve had saying goodbye, calling in for tea, (even at 10:30 last night which was awesome!!!) and bringing meals, or having us over for meals. We were talking this morning on how different this has been versus the first time we left Ireland. Before, we had 1family to genuinely say goodbye to where we lived. We had some other friends we’d made around the country, but as far as where we lived, we’re not sure us leaving really left a void at all. Now, though, the fact that we’re going to be gone for a while has brought out a lot in people letting us know we’ll be missed, and we’re so humbled by that and grateful. We’re going to miss home incredibly over the next several months, but we look forward to being back!

Ok…so for the twist: You may wonder how our day of putting our luggage in a car and leaving started. Well, here’s the story. We were all sound asleep today about 7, probably not getting up for another hour or so. When all of a sudden, Hannah and Cailyn we’re heard screaming in their room. (Or so Jen tells me…I was sleeping pretty soundly at that point). What I woke to was Jen telling me to check on the girls because they were crying over the mouse that was scurrying about in their room. Yes, the mouse. My nemesis. He’s deftly avoided capture for a couple of months now, and has narrowly escaped capture on several occasions. So I go in the room, and there’s my battle ready freaked out girls quivering on their beds pointing out the culprit. I heard him, and decided it was game on. He dashed, I threw stuff, and finally after a real cat and mouse game, I had him trapped. No escape. And I could even see the fear in his beady little eyes. It was then and there that he met his demise. I may not know the exact cause of death, but it had to do with a board game and a bludgeoning. On this day, I vanquished my enemy. Now, we’re free to leave.


5 thoughts on “Saying farewell…with a twist.

  1. Well, that beats my story of stepping on a mouse in the kitchen and not realizing it until some time later when I noticed it on the floor still twitching, with part of its brain squished out of its skull. Congratulations on your victory!

  2. WOW what a story!

    I had to laugh because I also have a mouse story.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the GOC.

    Ron and Jeniene

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