Ladies and Gentlemen, we have another 6 year old.

Wow. Cailyn turns 6 today. My, how time has flown by. Over the last year, I (Seth) have just be amazed as I’ve watched my little girl grow. She’s changing so much, but in a lot of ways, is staying the pure, innocent being she always has been. It’s been amazing watching her little personality grow and develop. Anyone that knows or has met Cailyn knows she’s just one of the sweetest little girls you’ll ever encounter. She absolutely loves life, and truly finds joy in anything. Literally anything. It’s hard to sum her up in just a few words…there’s just too much to her to do that. I think the greatest quality I see in her is her compassion and love. She’s her sisters’ greatest cheerleader (which is tough to be considering how much I love each one of my kids, but she does it somehow anyway.) She absolutely loves her brother and usually we can hear the two of them laughing as he’s chasing “Key” around the house. She loves to sit for huge blocks of time and be read to and have her mom tenderly scratch her back. But with all that, she’s her own girl. Nothing takes away life from spirit. She can’t walk calmly to save her life…always hopping around, always moving like there’s music flowing in her head, to which she’s humming her own song to. She can get discouraged, naturally, but she can be made happy in the blink of an eye. And not just a content happy…we’re talking 0 to excited about something in .13 seconds. I love Cailyn to death. I love that in spite of times that she doesn’t get her way, or something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t let her down. I love that when something happens that’s cool to someone else in our family, she’s the happiest one of all. I look at her and pray that her glow and warmth will never fade. That what she has going for her is something a lot of people search for. I pray that kind of joy in my own heart. And I pray that for you, whoever you are reading this, as well.

We love you Cailyn. We hope year 6 is an incredible year for you!!!

Cailyn Monument pic


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