Shoshone Falls, Idaho

We spent a wonderful week and a half or so at Jen’s parents new house in Boise, Idaho and the time came for us (with Jen’s parents thank goodness!!!) to move onto our next location. More on that to come! On the way though, was an incredible sight we had to see. It’s a set of waterfalls on the Snake River that flows all across Idaho. It’s one of the western United States largest rivers, and it literally snakes all over the landscape. This waterfall, was just amazing…they’ve made a hydro-electric plant out of it, but only before where the falls start so it doesn’t disrupt them at all. All the water that rushes, the force, the energy…just spectacular. I hope my pics do it a little justice…



I loved this one...I caught a cool rainbow!!!

I loved this one…I caught a cool rainbow!!!




One thought on “Shoshone Falls, Idaho

  1. Absolutely Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing…So happy your family is making such great memories..God bless you all….Love Ya..

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