A Visit to Old Faithful

One of the most truly remarkable things at Yellowstone is all the geysers and other thermal spots around the area. There are over 500 of them, which is something I didn’t know. Basically most of Yellowstone sits inside of an ancient exploded volcano in what’s called a caldera. There are thousands and thousands of thermal features displaying the geologic activity in the area. Old Faithful, obviously, is the most recognized geyser, and the most visited. Largely because it’s frequent and pretty dependable eruptions make it an easy spot to view a geyser in action. As we waited for it to erupt, I tried to just absorb all that was going on. The anticipation of what we knew was coming, and waiting for the moment… when it finally did erupt, it was amazing. So much power! It’s one of those sights you really have to see to believe…and I’m glad I finally had the chance.

It finally erupted!!

It finally erupted!!

The vent plume was unbelievable...and the amount of water coming out...just unreal!

The vent plume was unbelievable…and the amount of water coming out…just unreal!

photobombed by a geyser...

photobombed by a geyser…

It was fun to be there with Jen's parents!!

It was fun to be there with Jen’s parents!!





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