History Looms All Around

Well, we’ve been here in Vienna for a few weeks now. We absolutely hit the ground running, so I’ve only had limited chances to take any photos or really even learn much about this place yet. Slowly we’re getting there though! There really is a lot to share…and so much yet we have to learn! The area of town where we’re staying is right near the center of the city. It’s is very beautiful, and it seems around every corner is another story just waiting to be told. I can’t wait to start learning all about this place…the buildings, statues and sights are everywhere.

First, and what caught my eye from the get go is actually just down the street from where we live. During World War II, Vienna was essentially part of Nazi Germany for much of the war, and being an industrial city, it was strategic for Allied bombing raids. So, the German built anti-aircraft gun towers, or Flak Towers, to stand in defense. There are many of them left standing today, looming over the trees and buildings as a reminder of what once was happening here. What made it really spooky was that our 2nd night here was New Years’ Eve…which means everyone and their dog shoots off fireworks around the city. And not just ordinary sparklers…we’re talking huge exploding ordinance. Well, it doesn’t take much to make your imagination run wild!!




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