Cultural Acquisition

Sorry we haven’t been blogging very much!!! Sorry for the hiatus but hopefully now that we’re starting to get settled we can get more consistent at it!!

One of the things that we looked forward to when we found out we were moving to Austria was going skiing!! Well, for me (Seth) anyway. Since I grew up skiing in Flagstaff, I’ve actually never skied anywhere else. So what better place to go than the mountains of Austria?? I haven’t gone to the Alps yet, but that’s coming soon. Hopefully. I would go every day and be happy. Seriously. But after not going for 15 years or so, I took right back to it. But more importantly, I was able to cross another – I must do this as a Father things off my list – and I was able to take Hannah and Cailyn for their first day of skiing! It was really a fun day and the girls did really, really awesome. Now, before too many of you ask why I didn’t take Isaac…teaching 3 kids would be impossible for me. And Isaac really counts as 2 kids with how he’d be. (Picture Evil Kenival) So I’ll teach him next year. I have some video I’m working on getting up. Here’s some pictures of our day…enjoy!!!





Riding the lift...getting encouragement from a Polar Bear :)

Riding the lift…getting encouragement from a Polar Bear 🙂


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