A Hyperlapse

Today, the family took me bowling for his birthday. We always have fun, but the main thing for us is watching the kids. They’re so fun…Isaac loves just the ability to carry a big ball, Cailyn is so dainty, and Hannah is the one that wants to be the professional and is disappointed that she doesn’t always knock the pins down. So today, I experimented with a hyper lapse just to see what we’d capture. I think it’s pretty cool!!


2 thoughts on “A Hyperlapse

  1. Jen.. That was so cool. I love watching how differently the kids react to where their ball ends up. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys and I am so thankfully for friends way over there in Austria. I would love to send the kids cards if you would feel comfortable sending your address to me IM. I totally understand if that’s not something you feel comfortable with. Praying for you all always. Love in Christ …. Bobbie P.

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