Cailyn is 8!!!

Dear Cailyn,

I cannot believe that you are eight years old! It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms after a delivery that I don’t think either one of us expected to go as it did. You came into this world like a storm…like a sneaky storm. The weather mirrored our circumstances when a tornado touched down a mile from the hospital where you were born, and then later that afternoon it snowed.

We named you Cailyn for lots of reasons. The main two being that we loved the meaning – it means “pure”, and that has always been our prayer for you. That your heart would remain pure – not just undefiled, but pure as in true; strong. We also chose that name for it’s Irish heritage – a place we never thought you would get to visit and you ended up calling home.

You have lived up to your name in so many ways, the most interesting and unexpected is how your personality matches the meaning of your name so perfectly. You are 100% pure in whatever you are feeling, and we can always tell what that mood is. Ok, almost always. 🙂

But, Cailyn, you are so much more than your name. You are sweet, kind and compassionate. You are one of the most generous people I know. You are always the first to give up your preferred activity, food or bite of your favorite treat if someone else needs it more. You see things in people that not many others see, and your kind nature makes you fun to be around. You are gracious and grateful for even the tiniest of gifts or gestures.cailyn bday 6 DSCN3947 cailynb26wholdingisaac

Not only are you kind and compassionate, but you are strong and passionate. When something grips you deep in your heart, you aren’t afraid to stand up and fight for it. A trait I wish I had mastered earlier in my own life, and one I pray the Lord gives you great wisdom in wielding. It is a gift,  you know, the ability to stand up for what is right. The difficulty comes in knowing sometimes if it is truly right. I pray that you will have wisdom and discernment to know in which things to allow your heart to invest itself.

I cannot wait to see how God uses the unique talents and gifts He has given you. You are so very funny – quite the entertainer. You are creative, witty, and smart. You can sing and dance; you can draw better than I can.

I have loved watching you grow over the past eight years, and I consider it such an honor to continue watch and learn from you. To enjoy who you are and to treasure the laughter and snuggles you bring to our family.

We love you, Booboo, and we hope you have the best birthday ever!!


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